Crystal Bay Beach Club is the latest project from the Crystal Bay team.  But why ‘beach club” and not just “restaurant”?   We have a friendly happy vibe and we encourage our customers to relax and stay a while – sunbathe on the beach with a cocktail or snooze in the shade by the pool or in one of our salas.   We have a world class pool table and table tennis as well as snorkeling gear for hire.   Crystal Bay Beach Club is a great destination for the whole day.  Come for lunch and stay for dinner and evening drinks.

Relaxed Dining on Samui’s Finest Beach

When our friends (and 2 of Amsterdam’s best chefs) Freek van Noortwijk and Guillaume de Beer came to stay with us at Crystal Bay Yacht Club we were overwhelmed with the  enthusiasm they had for the local flavours and products on the island.    They were very impressed with the level of cooking and use of these flavours from our chef ‘Chef Boy’ and the 3 Chefs decided to work together to create an even more special menu for our restaurant.    “Crystal Bay Beach Club” was then born, our new concept to reflect the new modern cooking philosophy of simple, fresh, delicious food on Koh Samui’s best beach.

The Amsterdam Chefs were very enthusiastic about the quality of products on the island – from the abundant seafood to the organic herbs and spices grown in the mountains, therefore their focus for the new menu was  on sustainable, fresh and local wherever possible.